Part geeks, part marketers, part shoppers, all discount lovers! All of us here at EAT SHOP PLAY loves the thrilling rush of getting the best part of a deal. What’s even more exciting for us is to be able to share the discounts to our friends and families.

Although EAT SHOP PLAY is still starting out, it is fast becoming the perfect book to do all these. It is focused on building a community of savers from daily Essential purchases to luxurious Indulgences in life. With a dedication to help you and your friends get the most of what life has to offer through great offers and discounts, EAT SHOP PLAY is the must-have book for everyone living in Singapore!

Grab your copy now and enjoy maximizing your purchases to the fullest.

Eat Shop Play deals

About Fireworks Media

Fireworks Media is a regional customer loyalty marketing and media company based in Singapore. We have extensive customer retention programme experience in the retail, food and entertainment industries. We know how to deliver successful retention marketing solutions with our diverse suite of discounts, promotional products and programmes. This includes our flagship programme, EAT SHOP PLAY as well as our online member discount sites.


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