Great Savings while Eating Out in Singapore



dining in singapore


Lost between the moon and a multi-cultural city?  What’s a weary local to do? When you’re in Singapore, getting some grub is always an adventure by itself.

Eating out in the Lion City is just as diverse as the people who inhabit this small but populous island. Revered hawker chefs are as at home here as the Michelin-starred masters who have opened up an array of upscale dining establishments in the city.

Whether you’re idea of brunch is a five-course meal at an elegant restaurant or coconut-smelling kaya toast and coffee at a kopitiam (coffee shop), it’s always a good idea to grab the latest dining deals. The book set EAT SHOP PLAY is the ultimate leisure guide for vouchers and discounts Singapore. This handy entertainment tool contains a wide array of business enterprises which offer you savings that are just drool-worthy. Take your palate on a culinary tour and sample dishes reflecting the cultures that have made their home in this port city.

Do you want a cost-friendly alternative to contemporary bistros and restaurants Singapore? Hungry tourists will be glad to know that this Southeast Asian gem is a haven for street food.

Long before fusion cuisine was a term used to draw food aficionados, men from China, the Malay Peninsula, and even India had descended unto this former British colony and cooked up a storm. Locals were swept away by gastronomic offerings that bravely combined exotic flavors while hinted on a bit of nostalgia. Decades later, famous fare like the Singaporean chili crab and the mouth-burning sambal (a condiment with a chili-based sauce) are still very much appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

Eating at hawker stalls not only fills the tummy, but helps you to save up on money too! A typical meal can cost you between four to six Singaporean dollars. And while you are following a budget plan, you might want to try drinking the water. This vibrant cosmopolitan city-state boasts of utilizing of the best filtration systems so it’s quite safe to drink from the tap. This is great considering that the price for bottled h20 in mini-marts is about two Singaporean dollars. Quench your thirst and have extra cash to spare.




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