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Having Fun and Leisure with Lots of Savings

Laguna Bintan Golf club



Whether your idea of fun is a day trip with the family to Resorts World in Sentosa or swigging beer with pals at the Bar and Billiard Room, you will find that Singapore has something that will suit everyone’s tastes in leisure.

Aside from being a mecca for foodies and fashionistas, this city-state is a great entertainment hub as well. From world-famous themed parks to islands with kampong (traditional villages), you will find yourself with plenty to do. Even travelers on a three-hour stopover in Changi Airport won’t suffer from boredom as this immense facility houses everything from a butterfly garden to Foot and Calf Massage Stations.

Despite the variety, chances are you would really have to pay up if you want to live it up in the Lion City. However, if you purchase an entertainment book set such as EAT SHOP PLAY you can take advantage of over $35,000 dollars worth of discounts Singapore. Each page contains a great assortment of vouchers from leisure-filled destinations in this buzzing metropolis. Use a discount card on your next theme park ride or get loyalty awards on your second visit to the spa.

If this is not your first trip to this Southeast Asian state, the book set will be a great means for discovering new happy spots to explore and get lost in. It is recommended that you get yourself a copy some time before your flight date as this will give you the chance to plan which attractions to see during the course of your stay.

The discount manual is not only ideal for those who just want to kick back and unwind. Both sports enthusiast and professional athletes can brush up on their skills at the numerous sporting venues and recreational centers. For instance, club yielding expats can enjoy a full day on the fairway with golf savings options available on EAT SHOP PLAY.

On a final note, keep in mind that you or your family’s safety should always be of paramount importance as you go about your budget-friendly yet enjoyable vacation. Know the city’s emergency numbers and educate your children on how they should seek for help if ever they get separated from the group. Have fun and enjoy lots of savings with Singapore’s must-have book set – EAT SHOP PLAY!


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