Singapore Nightlife



Fun and Delights in Singapore Nightlife

eat shop play singapore

You wouldn’t think that a tiny country like Singapore has such a wide array of clubs, bars and restaurants. From the disco scene to low-key chill-out bars and 24-hour cafes, there is most definitely a little something for anyone looking for a fun time at night. And it’s not just for the bar-hopping yuppie crowd, either. For example, bar and restaurant haven Clarke Quay has a lot of great hangouts and bars for the beer-drinking disco dancing people, but is also surprisingly kid- and family-friendly. It’s true, the quay-side is lined with bars and discos, while the sidewalks are full of tourists taking in the view by the water.

Aside from the usual chill-out resto-bars and disco clubs around Singapore, you will often find off-beat little cafes offering such unusual entertainment and activities as painting sessions and indoor golf driving ranges. There is even this one small but multi-storied bar featuring a different party scene for each floor. Yes, Singapore is never without a variety of options.

For the tourist who’s always on the go, my secret recommended guide to food and bar-hopping in Merlion City would be the book set EAT SHOP PLAY 2013, where you get to be pleasantly confused over the wide variety of coupons to use. You get to choose which restaurants or bars you want to go and still save a lot on a great experience.

For the Singaporean locals and working foreigners looking for new places to chill and relax or party and forget after that grueling day at work, there is certainly a lot to choose from. And since alcoholic beverages in Singapore tend to be on the expensive side because of the added tariff, not to mention the entrance fees to clubs, it really is a good idea to take advantage of those discount cards from Eat Shop Play. And, as sometimes happens, when you find that place you really love, you tend to go back with your friends again and again, so what could really make more sense than to sign up for a membership to enjoy member incentives and loyalty rewards? Or better yet, purchase the book set now. It’s what I would do anyway.

Enjoy Singapore nightlife to the fullest!


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