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Alternative Health and Fitness Solutions

Most people who work regular jobs are most likely to be sitting in the office 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen. Is this healthy? What do you think? It is high time we should be caring more about our bodies. Nobody’s getting any younger, you know. There are a number of options out there, from gyms to personal health care to specialized treatments. There really isn’t any excuse not to be thinking about one’s own health and wellness. After all, it’s for your own good.

Now, there is a diverse selection for every kind of body, health and skin problem for everyone. Especially here in Singapore where the opportunities are just endless. The best thing about it is that they’re all available right at your fingertips. If you’re reading this right now, that’s a good start. The next step is to sign up and start your healthier lifestyle. It will help relieve all that muscle and body pains you’ve been experiencing caused by stress from work.


Eat shop play book

The main reason for most people who aren’t trying to take care of themselves is because of how costly things can get, especially in a city like Singapore where prices can get ridiculously expensive. For those of you who want a cheaper alternative, there is always the book set Eat Shop Play, with all its coupons and discount cards for you to take advantage of. You’ll get member incentives as well and loyalty rewards, if you use it enough times as a repeat customer.

California Fitness


California Fitness has 16 clubs throughout Asia and 4 in Singapore, all dedicated to making exercise more of a pleasure than a chore. They are all specially designed and spacious, fitted out with the most state-of-the-art equipment, steam rooms and group exercise studios. Membership incentives include unlimited access to exercise classes and professional personal trainers to help you with your workout.


Aside from a total body workout, some of you might be wanting to shape a more specific area of your body. AbsTrim Men specializes in slimming services focused in the stomach area. They use the most cutting edge technology to achieve the results you want through detox programmes and effective treatments that help burn fats and increase metabolism, blood flow and circulation.



L & D Beauteous is a skin treatment that is a little more different than your usual face-lifting treatments. They offer you beautiful and younger looking skin tone through CatioLift, which targets the facial muscles deep down, then lifting the skin and giving you the results you are looking for.

Enjoy your vouchers from any of these places with your book set. 


Shop Wisely in the Lion City!

Got enough cash for shopping? You know you want to spend it on anything that suits your interest. But don’t get too excited yet because here at Eat Shop Play, we want to help you prepare before spending your hard earned cash. We provide you with tips on how to go about your shopping antics and how those discount cards help you save on almost anything that comes with your shopping.

Eat shop play book

So here are some tips to help you enjoy your stay and wisely spend your cash in Singapore!

  1. Seek for more shopping spots.

You can do a lot in just a couple of hours in Singapore since the city is small. The Orchard Road is famous for its high-class boutiques and the prices are closer to Western levels. Don’t worry though because there are still many stores such as Haji Lane which is the place to be for retro fashion and street chic. There’s also Little India if you seek for art, textiles, antiques, music and food.


  1. Bring a spare shopping bag with you.

Shopaholics are on their way! So don’t forget to take along with you one of those foldable bags because you never know when you get hooked to buy all the goodies you find on those great shopping bargains.

  1. Pre-teens shop at adult sections? Hell yes!

Everyone knows that Asian size is ‘petite’ and the type of clothes you find in the city very much agree with that. So if you have a 10-12 year old child, adult size shirts or pants will surely fit them.

  1. Always look out for dishonest salespeople.

Why? Although not common in Singapore but there may be some people who will either try to upsell you or tell you that they don’t have what you are looking for and sell you another product that’s closer to what you’re asking for. Obviously, they are trying to sell you products that are unfamiliar to you. So bring out that critical mind of yours if ever you encounter these types of salespeople as you go on with your shopping.

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  1. Make a ready –list of models back home.

This is if you plan to purchase big-ticket items such as gadgets or any high-tech stuff. It is best if you do this to let you know the market prices of these products. If not, those ‘sales-predators’ will definitely haunt you.

  1. Always ask for receipts and check if the products you purchase come with international warranty.

Always check this feature before bargaining with shopkeepers most especially if you are in Singapore for a short time. You will also have problems with travel insurance because some of them do not cover lost items if you don’t have receipts. So keep them until you get home safely.

Top 3 Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore

One simply cannot visit or live in Singapore and not at least experience one of the reasons it is so famous for … the food! And what better way than to go all out with the best of the best. I’m talking about the top restaurants in the country. And if you’re thinking that this food trip is going to burn a hole into your pockets, that’s where you’re wrong. There are a lot of ways to pay less for a high class meal. Discount cards can go a long way if you know where to find it. Use them enough, and who knows, you might even get enough points to earn loyalty rewards that can take you to a trip overseas or a luxurious pampering of the senses!

One way to avail of these discounts is to purchase the EAT SHOP PLAY book set. With more than 500 pages in this book, you will find a wide array of coupons, vouchers and loyalty deals inside, and will definitely get more than your end of the bargain. Purchasing an Eat Shop Play copy gives you a chance to choose between more restaurants than you can think of.

Getting on with our gastronomic top picks, it’s difficult to select just a few when there is such a diverse variety all over the country. But, according to plenty of researches done online, through word-of-mouth and by recommendations from friends, visiting tourists and the locals themselves, here are the 3 favourite fine dining restaurants in Singapore in no particular order:

  1. The Equinox Restaurant at Swissôtel The Stamford

Overlooking the city with its full height glass windows, the Equinox is one of those few versatile places where you can either celebrate an anniversary, take a client out on a lunch meeting, or just hang out with your friends. The rates are pricey but definitely worth it.


  1. Restaurant Andre at Chinatown

It’s no wonder that this restaurant is often found at the top lists of fine dining food havens. Andre Chiang, owner of Restaurant Andre, is a former chef at Swissôtel. For the first timer still testing it out, try the lunch menu. It’s less expensive than the dinner. I hear the dinner is more ambitious though.


  1. Gunthers at 36 Purvis St.

The location is interesting, set in between a mixture of traditional and modern restaurants. With only a few tables, Gunther’s promises to be both intimate and private, for those of you searching for a romantic place to take a date. Try their signature dish, caviar. Reservations are recommended.

dining deals singapore



***image taken from: Swissotel

The Pros and Cons of an “Entertainment Book”

Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

The realistic shopper would know that buying designer items at full price is just for a privileged few – the kind that brings in six figure salaries and has a sky high credit limit. No one understands value of that inventory sale at Barneys or Neiman Marcus more.

Meanwhile, the practical shopper might eschew top labels entirely in favor of budget-friendly brands. But even they, with their good economic sense, wait for coveted products to be offered at a discount.

Singapore deals

As such, it isn’t a wonder why “entertainment books” are getting to be so popular nowadays. People want to go out and enjoy life but be frugal about it. Hence, having a booklet filled with a myriad of discount options is always a good thing. When you’ve been waiting forever for a markdown on that trendy coat, a-two-for-the-price-of-one meal at a favorite restaurant is balm to that tormented soul.

Coupon books also help to bring out your daring, adventurous side. You get to explore places you’ve never been before or dine in a part of town where you’d never expect to find a good tapas bar.

However, too much reliance on an savings book can spell disaster too if you aren’t careful. It is possible to end up overspending just because you think that you are saving a lot off the discounts you’re getting. In fact, you may even buy stuff you will never use. To prevent temptation, it’s best if you look through all the offers first and tear off the ones that you would really be using. Then, you can pass along the book to family or friends so they can get the coupons they need too.

The concept of the entertainment book providing great discounts and deals has now reached Asian soil with EAT SHOP PLAY, a book set containing over $35,000 dollars worth in savings at various accommodation, dining, and leisure establishments in Singapore.

Get a copy now and get the most out of your stay in Singapore. The book set is not only ideal to Singaporeans but also practical for expats and regular visitors. Maximize your purchasing power in the Tiger City, use all the coupons and discount cards on the EAT SHOP PLAY book set today!

Indulge Book

Living More While Spending Less in Singapore

In a world where urban settlements typically spring up from sprawling areas of land, the city-state of Singapore is a living and breathing contradiction.

Despite its limited space, lack of resources, and small population, this Southeast Asian cosmopolitan boasts of a self-sustaining water filtration system, an effective urban planning mechanism, and excellent educational facilities.

But perhaps the Lion City’s biggest tourism draw is the cultural mix that it has to offer. To say that Singapore has a bit of every known culture in the world is not an understatement. For instance, take a look at their vibrant dining scene. They carry nearly every conceivable victual, just as long as it can fit on a plate, bowl, or even a banana leaf.

However, if you want to maximize your visit to this modern wonderland we highly recommend that you get a copy of the EAT SHOP PLAY book set. It is a page turning guide that contains over $35,000 dollars worth in savings at various establishments in the Little Red Dot. With this handy tool, you can now reduce your dinner bill at a favorite restaurant with loyalty rewards and cut back on shopping expenses (which almost always exceeds the budget spending limit) by using discount cards.

Eat shop play book

The book set also allows you to shack up in style and get some royal pampering via member incentives. And with Singapore being home to some thrilling theme rides, you’ll be tearing up all those coupons in no time.

Already got the book?

Use it as guide when planning out your weekend visit or month-long stay in the Tiger City. That way, you will be able to know how much you’ll be spending on your trip daily and have a hassle-free schedule too! Oh and always look for the best but most affordable travel rates you can find to get there.

Enjoy Singapore to the fullest with the EAT SHOP PLAY book set!


Advantages of Eat Shop Play Book Set to Merchants

essentials book singapore

One of the most popular and effective marketing strategy at present is providing current customers and prospective clients special treatment though discounts and loyalty rewards for their loyal and continued patronage of your products and services. People are easily attracted to promos and bargains and using member incentives and discount cards is essentially targeting consumers’ needs and wants. Naturally, you will have to sacrifice a small margin of your income so you can implement this strategy but going into business necessarily entails expenses. These discounts and lowered prices are but small sacrifices compared to the benefits you derive from it.

Here are some of the benefits of the Eat Shop Play Book Set that can certainly help your business flourish.

  • Eat Shop Play Book Set attracts a variety of customers

Eat Shop Play consists of a wide range of loyalty rewards, discount cards and coupons including restaurants, clothing and electronic stores, and other different places that consumers would want to visit. Due to the variety of discount cards and member incentives that are offered in the book set, people of different interests and likes would be able to take advantage of great savings every time they dine, shop or travel.

They might not be interested before about getting a new set of clothes but would only want the book for food and dining but when they see some cool jeans or a nice dress on offer, they might decide to take a look and end up purchasing those items. Through the ESP book set, you can widen the circle of your target market and you would not be limited to those who are only interested in particular products or services.

  • Using loyalty rewards and member incentives keep customers coming back for more

Increasing the number of customers is just one of your goals to make your business more successful. However, you must not take for granted your loyal customers. Keeping your customers loyal is one of the ways of ensuring you have regular income. Attracting new buyers through new methods may also be more costly than when you adopt measures to keep your current clientele.

Aside from being more expensive, it might not always work. While new customers may not become loyal to you, the loyalty of your recurring customer are tried and tested and they are also more likely to promote your products through word-of-mouth. With the Eat Shop Play loyalty rewards, you can hit two birds with one stone. Totally awesome!

Overall, by using loyalty rewards, you can inspire new buyers to become loyal patrons and convince your current customers to do repeat business regularly because of the perks from the Eat Shop Play book set. Find out more on how you can leverage this highly effective marketing technique by sending us an email today.

Eat Shop Play Book Set

Eat Shop Play Book Set