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Hainanese chicken and Satay: Topmost Must-Try Dishes in Singapore

If you are a foodzilla, then Singapore is the place to be! The Lion City offers delightful variety of multicultural dishes. Whether you prefer fine dining or affordable street foods, you will never be disappointed.

Singapore has every imaginable cuisine, for every imaginable budget and taste. From the traditional Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines to Arabic, Moroccan to Italian, French, American and others, Singapore’s dining scenery is filled with irresistible aroma for people from different races and culture.

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However, with so many food and beverage establishments available, picking the best can be a daunting task. For your easy reference, here are the two most popular dishes to try while in Singapore:

Hainanese chicken

  • This Chinese dish is rice topped with slices of boned chicken meat served with chili sauce, gravy, or other dipping sauces. You can find this highly favored chicken dish at food courts at cheap rates.

 Hainanese Chicken Rice


  • Satay is made of seasoned beef, lamb, or chicken  meat  skewered in bamboo and grilled. This rich flavored dish is usually served with thick and creamy peanut sauce, sliced raw onions and cucumbers.


Eating is a national past time in Singapore. Thus, a wide variety of cuisine apart from the familiar Chinese cuisine, Malay cuisine and Thai cuisine. Whether you are in the mood for Italian meal, exotic African cuisine, Russian or Mexican cuisine and many more, Singapore has it all!