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Shop Wisely in the Lion City!

Got enough cash for shopping? You know you want to spend it on anything that suits your interest. But don’t get too excited yet because here at Eat Shop Play, we want to help you prepare before spending your hard earned cash. We provide you with tips on how to go about your shopping antics and how those discount cards help you save on almost anything that comes with your shopping.

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So here are some tips to help you enjoy your stay and wisely spend your cash in Singapore!

  1. Seek for more shopping spots.

You can do a lot in just a couple of hours in Singapore since the city is small. The Orchard Road is famous for its high-class boutiques and the prices are closer to Western levels. Don’t worry though because there are still many stores such as Haji Lane which is the place to be for retro fashion and street chic. There’s also Little India if you seek for art, textiles, antiques, music and food.


  1. Bring a spare shopping bag with you.

Shopaholics are on their way! So don’t forget to take along with you one of those foldable bags because you never know when you get hooked to buy all the goodies you find on those great shopping bargains.

  1. Pre-teens shop at adult sections? Hell yes!

Everyone knows that Asian size is ‘petite’ and the type of clothes you find in the city very much agree with that. So if you have a 10-12 year old child, adult size shirts or pants will surely fit them.

  1. Always look out for dishonest salespeople.

Why? Although not common in Singapore but there may be some people who will either try to upsell you or tell you that they don’t have what you are looking for and sell you another product that’s closer to what you’re asking for. Obviously, they are trying to sell you products that are unfamiliar to you. So bring out that critical mind of yours if ever you encounter these types of salespeople as you go on with your shopping.

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  1. Make a ready –list of models back home.

This is if you plan to purchase big-ticket items such as gadgets or any high-tech stuff. It is best if you do this to let you know the market prices of these products. If not, those ‘sales-predators’ will definitely haunt you.

  1. Always ask for receipts and check if the products you purchase come with international warranty.

Always check this feature before bargaining with shopkeepers most especially if you are in Singapore for a short time. You will also have problems with travel insurance because some of them do not cover lost items if you don’t have receipts. So keep them until you get home safely.


The Great Singapore Sale 2013!


Calling all Shopaholics out there! The city-state of Singapore is the place to be! Enjoy 8 full weeks (31 May-28July 2013) of shopping as you join and celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Great Singapore Sale, and there’s no better place to shop and unwind with the latest trends and styles. You can get great amounts of amazing value deals nationwide plus a lot of tourist privileges and rewards. What more can you ask for? And take note, that’s all happening in 8 weeks!


Indulge in up to 70% discount on almost anything that’s on sale, everywhere. But then you might be wondering where to start off your shopping spree. Well, it’s best to start off at Marina Bay and Orchard down to the Suburb’s small stores. You will find and savor great deals in food, beauty treatments, spas, gadgets and don’t forget, clothes! Ergo, your discount cards from Eat Shop Play can be put into really good use. Open up your book set to have a cool guide to everything and be on-the-go.

Those young and free individuals tend to find a place that they want to go to again and again so if you have the EAT SHOP PLAY vouchers and coupons, you can easily find where they get the best buys! Of course you can also use member incentives and loyalty rewards. You know what they say, something small can turn into something big thus you can accumulate tons of savings during this shopping sale.

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“When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again.” These are from the wise words of Sophie Kinsella from her book, Confessions of a Shopaholic. She simply means to say that purchasing excites us, brings a bit of color and sparkle into our spirit. And that’s okay.

Where else would you want to go if you want to bring color and sparkle within you? Then it’s in the Great Singapore Sale! Waste no time using your discount cards and a variety of coupons from Eat Shop Play. Trends and styles are so popular these days that you should not be left behind with the all the latest. You don’t want to be looking like someone who’s wearing a worn-out style look, don’t you? So get up, mark your calendars and be at the Great Singapore Sale! Remember, that’s on May 31 to July 28, 2013. Happy Shopping!